Kovio, printing intelligence into everyday products and goods

A new technique, replacing conventional chip-making methods with printing techniques promises low-cost class of electronic paper, displays, labels, RFID tags, sensors, smart cards and perhaps even programmable wallpaper.
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Kovio, whose backers include widely known venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, says it has developed a kind of silicon ink that can be sprayed on flexible surfaces using commercial printing systems. Where some companies have developed circuit-printing approaches with various organic and inorganic materials, Kovio says it has used its silicon-based process to build unusually fast devices called thin-filmed transistors.
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Inventing breakthrough printed silicon technologies and complete printed system solutions that build intelligence into everyday products and goods, thereby profoundly improving the productivity and profitability of industries including retail, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, transportation, manufacturing and energy.

Vinod Khosla

"Kovio is introducing one of the most disruptive technologies that the electronics and printing markets have seen to date. Its technology offers dramatic cost, resource and energy advantages over traditional silicon. Now for the first time, it is economically feasible to embed intelligence in everyday products thereby transforming the consumer experience."


Why Print?

Printed silicon electronics combines the intelligence and functionality of silicon semiconductors and the low-cost manufacturing paradigm of graphics printing. Instead of using conventional color inks to print magazines, books and newspapers, this new paradigm uses silicon-based inks to print integrated circuits, sensors and displays. This revolutionary technology brings the value proposition of silicon-based integrated circuits to industries that have until now not been enable to embed integrated circuits in their products.

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