Map of Ocean Damage

Almost half the world's oceans have been damaged by human activity, says a new study by a team of researchers who mapped the severity of the effects.

Study Finds Humans' Effect on Oceans Comprehensive

Human activities are affecting every square mile of the world's oceans, according to a study by a team of American, British and Canadian researchers who mapped the severity of the effects from pole to pole.

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Map of oceans

A new map reveals ocean areas most damaged by human activities.

"These are the most impacted ocean areas on the planet," Halpern says. "It's where the combination of human activities, from shipping to fishing to land-based pollution, are coming together to make things really bad."

"Whether one is interested in protecting ocean wilderness, assessing which human activities have the greatest impact, or prioritizing which ecosystem types need management intervention, our results provide a strong framework for doing so." - Kimberly Selkoe of the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) in Santa Barbara, CA and the University of Hawaii.

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