'Power Dressing' with the microfiber nanogenerator

A new method to recover otherwise-wasted energy and convert it into useful electrical power.
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Nanowires allow 'power dressing'

"Scientists in the US have developed novel brush-like fibres that generate electrical energy from movement.

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Weaving them into a material could allow designers to create "smart" clothes which harness body movement to power portable electronic gadgets.

The ability to generate power for personal electronics using the clothing we wear would be a breakthrough in smart and interactive garments

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Z.L. Wang and microfiber nanogenerator

Georgia Tech Regents’ Professor Zhong Lin Wang holds a prototype microfiber nanogenerator. (Georgia Tech Photo: Gary Meek)
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Microscope image

Microscope image shows the fibers that are part of the microfiber nanogenerator. The top one is coated with gold. (Image courtesy Zhong Lin Wang and Xudong Wang).
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Fiber nanogenerator schematic

Schematic shows how pairs of fibers would generate electrical current.
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