The Nokia Morph concept

Morph is a concept that demonstrates how future mobile devices might be stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform their mobile device into radically different shapes.
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Nokia Morph concept - this futuristic gadget is all you’ll need

Nokia Morph conceptNokia has recently announced their Morph concept, a gadget which should (in about 100 years) replace everything you carry in your pocket today.

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The Morph concept

Featured in The Museum of Modern Art “Design and The Elastic Mind” exhibition, the Morph concept device is a bridge between highly advanced technologies and their potential benefits to end-users. This device concept showcases some revolutionary leaps being explored by Nokia Research Center (NRC) in collaboration with the Cambridge Nanoscience Centre (United Kingdom) – nanoscale technologies that will potentially create a world of radically different devices that open up an entirely new spectrum of possibilities.

Flexible & Changing Design
Advanced Power Sources
Sensing The Environment

To learn more about the “Design and The Elastic Mind” exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art visit MoMA webpage

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