Sleep Waking Robot Art (video)

An artwork, consisting of a humanoid that plays back results obtained from recorded brainwave activity as an interpretive dance.
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Sleep Waking Robot: Your Dreams Via Interpretive Dance
Sleep Waking is an unusual art work that combines recorded brainwave activity and REM sleep with robot behaviors. The Sleep Waking robot plays back your dreams, or, if you will, presents an interpretive dance of your dreams.
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Fernando Orellana and Brendan Burns
clipped from www.technovelgy.com
The Sleep Waking robot is the result of a collaboration between Fernando Orellana and Brendan Burns. Orellana spent a night in The Albany Regional Sleep Disorder Center in New York. The staff wired him up and collected data of every conceivable kind: EEG, EKG, rapid eye movement - you name it. Orellana describes the use of the data to animate the robot in this way:

Orellana believes that the Sleep Waking robot is a metaphor in which the robot is allowed to augment or act out human experience. The robot becomes an extension of the person and (I would add) an extension of the deeper unconscious level of the person.

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