EnviroMission's Solar Tower Of Power

Acting as a giant greenhouse, EnviroMission's Solar Tower will heat the air hotter than the outside air entering at the periphery, using the radiation from the sun. Acting like a chimney, the air is sucked into the tower, where it passes through wind turbine generators.
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The Rise of the Solar Tower

The Australian firm “EnviroMission” is developing a large-scale solar tower that, according to the company, will be capable of supplying electricity to 200,000 typical Australian homes. EnviroMission owns the exclusive license to the German-designed Solar Tower technology in Australia. The company expects to start producing low-cost, clean, renewable energy within five years.

The Solar Tower project is based on a novel technology that enables solar power generation around the clock, without consuming fuel resources or emitting greenhouse gases. The technology is based on the simple and well-known principle, which is that hot air rises.
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