Fold Your Boat -- The Origami Folding Dinghy

A low budged boating solution
Origami Folding Dinghy plans are available for the 6 foot (1.8m) and the 8 foot (2.4m) versions. The Origami 6 can carry two adults whilst the Origami 8 can carry three. They both fold to about 4 inches in moments and take up to a 3.3hp outboard motor. They can even be turned into sailing dinghies!
The Origami 6 and 8 folding dinghies
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Floating Origami

The Origami Folding Dinghy also has the ability to be converted from a row-boat, to a sailing vessel or an outboard powered vessel. While under sail, the Origami can slip smoothly through the water at about 7 knots. If a motor is more your style, both the 6ft and 8ft models can carry up to a 3.3hp motor. Speeds have been reported up to 15 knots.

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sailing versions now available
on the plane at 15 knots
nice to row
even with the smallest cars
stable and dry

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