Something like Google Maps Street View but with a remarkable quality and some surprising features.
clipped from www.mapjack.com
clipped from www.mapjack.com
The purpose of MapJack is to provide good looking pictures
from cities all over the world, to get an immersive feeling of actually being there.
To make the experience of walking down a street easier, MapJack feature three main

  • The picture display, at the top of the screen, where immersive
    panorama pictures can be viewed.

  • The map, at the bottom of the screen, which gives context
    to the current location.

  • The search function, at the left of the screen, to find street addresses
    and local businesses.

MapJack's browser window can be resized, and the borders between the three functions can be dragged with the
mouse cursor to customize the screen space.
Main display
The map
Map mode
clipped from www.mapjack.com

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